I'm 0/0.

I write code.

My Projects

I've got a few Discord bots and a few other small projects, but mainly Discord bots.

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COVID-19 Bot

The best COVID-19 bot for Discord! Get automated updates, dark-mode graphs, and much more!

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Discord's 2018 April Fools joke, renewed! Ping only members from a role, or ping only online users: in the end the selection will be random.

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Possibly the only public speech-to-text bot for your Discord voice chats. Set it up with one command and forget about it forever. This bot is in early alpha. Many features are not working. Expect fatal bugs!

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New Stuff?

Keep a eye out, for I may create something new in the future!

Contact Me

Get in touch with me on Discord: 0/0#0001
Or join my Discord server: